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} $GLOBALS['log']->debug('current_language is: '.$current_language); //set module and application string arrays based upon selected language $app_strings = return_application_language($current_language); if(empty($current_user->id)) { $app_strings['NTC_WELCOME'] = ''; } if(!empty($system_config->settings['system_name'])){ $app_strings['LBL_BROWSER_TITLE'] = $system_config->settings['system_name']; } $app_list_strings = return_app_list_strings_language($current_language); $mod_strings = return_module_language($current_language, $currentModule); insert_charset_header(); //TODO: Clint - this key map needs to be moved out of $app_list_strings since it never gets translated. // best to just have an upgrade script that changes the parent_type column from Account to Accounts, etc. $app_list_strings['record_type_module'] = array( 'Contact' => 'Contacts', 'Account' => 'Accounts', 'Opportunity' => 'Opportunities', 'Case' => 'Cases', 'Note' => 'Notes', 'Call' => 'Calls', 'Email' => 'Emails', 'Meeting' => 'Meetings', 'Task' => 'Tasks', 'Lead' => 'Leads', 'Bug' => 'Bugs', 'Project' => 'Project', // cn: Bug 4638 - missing and broke notifications link 'ProjectTask' => 'ProjectTask', // cn: missing and broke notifications link ); 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User login does not have a filename but does have a module. if(!empty($currentModuleFile)) { /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //// DISPLAY REQUESTED PAGE $GLOBALS['log']->debug('---------> BEGING INCLUDING REQUESTED PAGE: ['.$currentModuleFile.'] <------------'); include($currentModuleFile); $GLOBALS['log']->debug('---------> END INCLUDING REQUESTED PAGE: ['.$currentModuleFile.'] <------------'); //// END DISPLAY REQUESTED PAGE /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// } if(isset($focus) && is_subclass_of($focus, 'SugarBean') && $focus->bean_implements('ACL')) { ACLController :: addJavascript($focus->module_dir, '', $focus->isOwner($current_user->id)); } } else { // avoid js error when set_focus is not defined echo '_

Warning: You do not have permission to access this module.

'; } if(!$skipFooters) { echo ""; echo $jsalerts->getScript(); include ('themes/'.$theme.'/footer.php'); if(!isset($_SESSION['avail_themes'])) $_SESSION['avail_themes'] = serialize(get_themes()); if(!isset($_SESSION['avail_languages'])) $_SESSION['avail_languages'] = serialize(get_languages()); $user_mod_strings = return_module_language($current_language, 'Users'); echo ""; if($_REQUEST['action'] != 'Login') { //set theme echo "
"; echo "'; echo '
'; } // Under the Sugar Public License referenced above, you are required to leave in all copyright statements in both // the code and end-user application. echo "
\n"; echo "
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